Trump’s first interesting 100 days

Marcel E. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

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It has only been 46 days since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, and as expected, things are not as pleasant as they could be for Americans.
In October of 2016, Trump proposed a 100 day plan that he intended to use to make America “great again,” but to what extremes did he really have in-store for such promises.
So far into these 100 days, we as citizens have seen different situations in which the Trump Administration have not seemed to think highly of all citizens living within the United States as well as international publics as well.
These situations include the international defunding of Planned Parenthood in efforts to remove tax payer’s money supporting abortion in international settings. This, which later led to the women’s marches in numerous countries including the U.S., gives reason any citizens to be outraged over the idea of a male individual having an overruling say in the health of a woman’s body.
To go on, Trump also attempted to set a travel ban in order to reduce attempts of international terrorism creating harm in the U.S. Although the overall idea of avoiding terrorist attacks is a feasible idea, the actions this measure has led are trivial in a sense of humanitarianism. Especially considering that there are many domestic acts of terrorism that go on in the US that feel as though they are overlooked compared to the potential threat of a foreign attack.
The direct approach to detain people flying into the U.S. from Middle Eastern countries was in fact blocked by federal courts due to a lawsuit issued by the American Civil Liberties Union and other legal groups, in efforts to prevent the deportation of the detained people affected by the ban. Although the ACLU did its part in this, noticing the breach in basic human decency, there are still people who support the idea of banning people from entering this country which is looked at as a welcoming place to anyone despite cultural, racial, and religious differences.
A more recent issue brought to light is the rescinding of protection of transgender students in the public school system. What this entails is that the Trump Administration has removed protection of transgender students in public schools over their right to use bathrooms for the gender that they identify as.
For some, who disagree with the idea of a transgender lifestyle, this is a huge victory in efforts to keep “creeps and pedophiles,” as Tomi Lahren would say, out of public bathrooms and locker rooms on campuses. For people with this closed minded view of life, it is hard to realize that transgender people and pedophiles aren’t actually synonyms. Suffice it to say, it can be difficult to explain how to be a decent person to people who cannot listen to an opposition on a subject.
As time goes on, be sure to be on the lookout for whatever it is the Trump Administration has in store next. With just under four more years to go, the fate of the country will most likely be quite interesting to see unravel.

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