Men’s tennis ready to be competitive this year

Marcel E Anderson, News Editor

Returning after making to playoffs last season, Mesa College’s Men’s Tennis team, lead by Head Coach Michael Hootner and Assistant Coach Andrew Buckner is back, starting off their season with a win for their first home game this season with a score 9-0 against Santa Barbara Community College.

For this season, the team is hoping to make it further into playoffs than their previous season and win championships. With winning their first three matches this season 9-0, they are off to a strong start. “One thing we are doing to do to prepare ourselves for this season is practicing more of our doubles work in order to sweep…” junior Jesse Donahue, a second year player for Mesa College, states, “…personally, I am going to work on being more consistent in my playing and strategy work.”

Aside from their practices, players also take personal time to take care of themselves and the craft of their sport. “We do the simple things like any athlete; we work out, eat healthy, and rest our bodies,” freshman Mathieu Usannaz-Joras says. Being as it is of the upmost importance to be in the best possible condition for their games, personal care is as important as the physical ability of the sport itself.

In their last season, Men’s Tennis made it o playoffs, but lost part way through their playoffs season. With their current record of 4-0, the team is in high hopes of being even more of a contending force during this season. The team has another scheduled home game on Feb. 18 against San Diego City College at 2 p.m. so be sure to check them out.

Regardless of how their last season went, Mesa’s Men’s Tennis team is on the right track to compete in their current season. No matter what obstacles lay ahead for them, these men are raring and ready to go with determination to come out on top and win playoffs.