Isabelle Rozansky
When she's not working on her Journalism degree at Mesa College, you can find Izzy relaxing with a book (or two, or three) at the beach. Raised by parents who always reminded her that no knowledge is ever wasted, Izzy's favorite thing to do is learn about as much as she can, from current events to specific species of birds (Steller's sea Eagle, anyone?). Having aspirations to travel the world to take in new information and experience new culture, and to share what she knows, Izzy is excited to start her journey in sunny San Diego, having moved the 2,600 miles from New York. With her travel plans already underway, Izzy now looks forward to beginning her writing journey at The Mesa Press, keeping people as informed as possible about everything and anything going on, on their campus.

Isabelle Rozansky , Opinions Editor

Sep 26, 2019
Ode to living: a mental health check up  (Story)