2018-2019 Staff

Janna Braun

Faculty Adviser

Janna has been the Faculty Adviser to The Mesa Press since 2005.  During that time, the newspaper has been honored by a variety of organizations, including the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists,...

Saida Hassan

Opinions Editor

Saida is a third year student at San Diego Mesa College and is an Economics major. This is her second semester being part of The Mesa Press staff. She adores German Shepherds and hopes to transfer to UCSD or UCLA. An introvert,...

Kole Lavoy

Photography Editor

A polymath that spends much of their time outdoors, Kole either has a tennis racquet in hand or a steering wheel of a Jeep. Kole is building a degree that mixes together journalism, marketing and philanthropy at UCSD. ...

Serena Randazzo

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Serena, this is my first semester on the Mesa Press. I'm hoping this class with help me open my eyes and learn more about the different aspects that go into writing a newspaper. But here's a little joke I...

Joshua Edler Davis

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Joshua and am in my first semester on staff. I am a journalism major in my second year at Mesa. I am also a member of the Men’s basketball team.

Guadalupe Santillo Salinas

Staff Writer

Guadalupe is a Journalism and Psychology student at San Diego Mesa College. This is her semester of being a staff member in The Mesa Press. During her spare time, she is watching movies, reading, or playing with her pet cat, Tori....

Pia Mayer

Staff Writer

Pia Mayer is a San Diego born-native with a love for writing. In the Summer of 2016, Pia took on an internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York City, working under award-winning writers. Soon thereafter she continued writing...

Ian Caffarel

Staff Writer

Hello to whoever is reading this, my name is Ian J. Caffarel, but you can call me Ian, or Ivan. I'm just dipping my toes into this ocean, called newswriting. Because I'm new, I am going to do something horribly wrong, so bear...

Racheal Habon

Features Co-Editor

Racheal is a Journalism major and an aspiring magazine creative director. She is a native of the Chicago suburbs and has been living in San Diego for two years now. She's a night owl who is obsessed with bunnies and likes to spend...

Maggie Irvine

Staff Member

Maggie Irvine is a 19 year old journalism major here at Mesa. She loves music and writing and hopes to someday combine those in a future career. This is Maggie's first semester at the Mesa Press and she's excited for the new experience.

Hana Woodward

Social Media Editor

Hana is on her first year as a staff writer for the Mesa Press. She's a Journalism major from Arizona. She has lived in California for six years with no plans of leaving.  After getting her Associate degree she hopes to transfer...

Jacob Wdowiak


2nd year Mesa College student majoring in Journalism and learning from the best. I love writing great stories and am excited to provide some new content over this semester.

Savannah Cadet-Haynes

Social Media Editor

Savannah is a 19-year-old soul that was born and raised in San Diego. This is her second year at Mesa Community College where she is majoring in Journalism. She is an aspiring news anchor and has a passion for Black Studies. Savannah...

KK Interchuck

Features Co-Editor

KK is a 23-year-old creative born and raised in San Diego, California (the term "creative" here used very, very loosely). She recently returned to school for journalism and lives happily with her two cats Psilo & Georgie....

C.N. Williams

Co-Editor in Chief

Cara is a Journalism major in her last semester at San Diego Mesa College. She's originally from the Midwest but grew up all over Southern California. She loves radio, podcasts, film, and reading investigative journalism. She's...

Erik Acosta


Erik is a Mesa College Journalism student and aspiring novelist. Erik was previously studied as the Opinions Editor for the Mesa Press, and currently enjoys being an Editor-In-Chief. Erik is an avid reader and enjoys gallons of...