Conference Champions

Conference Champions

November 15, 2017

The Best of the Press

Rebeca Partida Montes and Lara Catalano

May 20, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, Features

Since 1966, The Mesa Press has captured the school spirit of the Olympians in its student-run paper. We’ve come a long way with technology; cartoons became high-resolution photos, a staff team of ten turned into a team of 20...

Vandalism and critique are not the same

Rebeca Partida Montes, Staff Writer/Photogrpaher

November 17, 2016

Filed under Opinion

One of the most exciting factors of writing for The Mesa Press is being able to work in an environment that imitates that of a professional newsroom. Every week, we come together to discuss current events that are happening on ca...

Social issues cause Republicans to lose key youth vote

Kyla Brown, Staff Writer

November 30, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney thought that he could win over the youth vote by simply promising more jobs and a better economy. This stance was not enough for voters under the age of 30. The youth of America made their...

Edie debates hot topics

Edie debates hot topics

November 29, 2012

Tax increases, regulations in California voters hands

Kyla Brown, Staff Writer

October 11, 2012

Filed under News, Top Stories

This November, California voters will decide on 10 propositions that will determine the direction and influence of state government. These propositions, if voted into law, will determine everything from the continued funding of ...

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