K Sandwiches: best restaurant around, within a 10 mile radius

K Sandwiches: best restaurant around, within a 10 mile radius

K Sandwiches’ close proximity and diverse choices make it a great choice for Mesa Students

Nicholas Saleen

It is highly improbable one can experience all types of foods at a single moment in time, but luckily for mesa students we are all no more than a few minutes away from one of those unlikely possibilities. The name to look for is K Sandwiches. From just passing by one might convince themselves that it’s just another sandwich joint, but au contraire my dear friends’ au contraire.

In the entrance of the building a royal like chandelier hangs overhead shimmering amongst the different projections of light that it comes in contact with. The floor is covered with a Spanish influenced tile, while the entire ceiling is filled with a painted mural of a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds, making one feel as if you just stepped into a sandwich heaven.

The restaurant itself is split into four different sections, that have no relation to each other. K Sandwiches consists of a French bakery, a café, delicatessen and an oriental mini mart, where you can buy anything from soy sauce to rice cakes. Having so many options to choose from is what makes for a very rewarding dining experience.

However, the focal point of K Sandwiches is the sandwiches themselves. The menu that hangs on the wall is covered with 30 delicious pictures of the very different sandwiches. The variety of sandwiches is almost overwhelming at times. Since the hours of operation are from 6 a.m, to 9 a.m., seven days a week, the menu caters to all 3 major meals of the day, even the ever so popular after school snack.

K Sandwiches pride themselves on always supplying fresh baguettes throughout the day, so to start your day off with a fresh baguette sandwich would probably be the best choice you could make this fall semester. The other remaining sandwiches are good in their own right, but to all my vegan/vegetarian friends there is only one sandwich on the menu that caters to your needs, so that is always a bit of a disheartening.

With these summer days amongst all mesa students, K Sandwiches has the perfect cures to cool you off. Their selection off iced coffees, sodas, and bizarre colored smoothies will send your palate into a world of sublime enlightenment. When the smoothies are presented to you, it is as if somewhere in the back Oompa Loompas created this concoction for you. Willy Wonka would loathe the fact he did not think of these creations before. They come out brightly colored and filled with different flavors that are normally uncommon to the average person. It almost feels as if it would be wrong to drink it because of all the beauty it withholds.

K Sandwiches holds a sense of mix-matched elegance that is not only pleasing to the eye but, most importantly, to your stomach. It is a fulfilling experience and most definitely does not rip a hole in your pocket. The prices of all items seem to be on sale 24/7 and that’s always a major necessity within the Mesa College community. K Sandwiches is a well-rounded business that deserves to be supported.

K Sandwiches is located at 7604 Linda Vista Rd., four minutes south east of Mesa College by car. Business hours are Monday thru Sunday 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. Telephone number is (858) 278- 8961.