Who’s in the running for this Oscar season?

Kirsten Cesna, Staff Writer

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With fall ending and winter just around the corner, it is that time of year when Hollywood studios release their more critically acclaimed movies in hopes to win an academy award at the 2018 Oscars.
While the 90th Academy Awards won’t take place until March, the race is well underway and any movie screened in theaters in 2017 is eligible for an award. Oscar season is the time period between September and December where movies are strategically released in the hopes to be fresh in critics and audience’s minds for a better chance to win an award.
With everyone having their own individual opinions on movies, the question, ‘how do they fairly choose the winners?’ pops up in many people’s heads. There are more than 6,000 voting members from the 17 branches of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences that are sent ballots where they can write down their top movies for each category. They are judging from best picture, all the way down to actors best hair. Production companies also spend funds on campaigning their movies by sending members to special screenings, but restrictions are made when incentives become inappropriate.
There are 24 categories to vote on, but the most talked about award for the Oscars is “Best Picture,” and this year there are many potential nominees that might take home this prestigious title.
Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, “Dunkirk” was one of the biggest studio films of the year, leading most people to believe there is a high chance it could win a variety of awards ranging from best picture to best actor, however, there are many other potential nominees.
Opposite from the war movie is the fairytale, “The Shape of Water,” which is also towards the top of the list, and has been said to be director Guillermo Del Toro’s best film. The movie has yet to come out but critics claim the sci-fi love story to be one of the year’s best and encourage everyone to see it.
“Get Out” is another highly talked about movie that came out in early 2017. This film remains one of the best reviewed movies of the year, and has a chance to take home awards if Universal can reinterest voting members.
With Oscar season underway, now is the time to go to the theaters and watch some of the best films of the year to prepare yourself for the award show.

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