Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Game Review

Patrick Balthrop Jr., Staff Writer


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a celebrated game that attracted much hype going into the midnight release of the game. This game had people lined up hours before the time of release as fans of the game were anxious to get their hands on the hot release.

Treyarch has a history of disappointing campaign modes, which caused for a little speculation when I first began this campaign. However, they finally produced a winner with this one, as I was entertained from the beginning all the way through to the dramatic ending.

The story takes place in 2025, when David Mason questions his dad’s former partner, James Woods about the whereabouts of Raul Menendez. Throughout the questioning, Woods takes you through some of the missions he endured in the past. It allows you to control Alex Mason and takes you through different time periods without leaving you confused.

The portion of the game that seemed to have many people excited is Zombies. This is a game mode that puts you up against a montage of zombies who are ultimately trying to kill you. This is more of a social game mode that you can play with your friends rather then something that you would jump on and play with random players. They introduced a new play style called griefing where you play on two separate teams and you can either help each other kill zombies or you can kill each other. This brings a new competitive aspect to zombies that was never implemented before.

Although much hype was placed on zombies mode, the bread and butter of this game has always been multiplayer mode. Many people buy Call of Duty at midnight with complete intentions to go home and prestige by morning. When I started to play this multiplayer mode, I expected minor changes but the overall experience to be vaguely similar to the previous games. My thoughts proved to be pretty accurate as the gameplay was about the same as I was used too. The main change that was made in multiplayer mode is the Pick Ten system for your load out. Each class gets 10 allocation points to use as you wish, to a certain extent. Guns can have a max of three attachments, you can only have two lethal types of explosives, etc. This new system certainly takes some getting used to but is a great addition.

After playing this game and exploring the many options that can be experienced while playing this game, I am left with a positive outlook. If you enjoyed playing past years Black Ops games then you will surely be in love with this one. From the improved graphics, all the way to the new gun options, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a game people should be raving about for a while.


RATING: 8/10