No Good Deed Delivers Suspense for Movie Goers

Verenice Garcia, Staff Writer

No Good Deed Movie Review

No Good Deed, directed by Sam Miller, is actually a very good deed. The film is captivating from the start as it provides the dangerous and scary background of the main character, Colin, who is played by British actor Idris Elba. A convicted felon, he manages to escape prison and continue with his dangerous path. One of his first encounters is with Alexis, played by Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo. Alexis is a former lover of his that has moved on with her life and is not fond of Colin’s return.

As the movie progresses, the strangers that are so unfortunate to cross paths with him have no idea of what he is planning in his psychotic mind. Although he has no logical reason to do these things to these innocent people, he simply has a sick and twisted mind.

For an audience member, his actions are unpredictable and incite curiosity. The film successfully keeps the viewer guessing by using Colin’s charm as a distraction. The character, ironically, knows how to make you feel safe and trust of him.

Colin’s dynamic character causes the plot to thicken, especially when the rest of the cast, which includes Terri played by Taraji P. Henson, Jeffrey, played by Henry Simmons, and Meg, played by Leslie Bibb eventually finds out about Colin’s true intentions.

The setting and background were very well-chosen, providing suspense to certain scenes. The dark, rainy events are ominous and keep the audience on their toes. The soundtrack was also clever and went perfect as scenes unfolded, as they were full with emotions of sadness.

Some characters were anything but interesting like Terri’s husband, Jeffrey. He was well cast, but his character was disappointing in that he was almost never present. As a father and a husband, that was not believable; he should have been available when he was needed.

Also, Meg, who plays a friend of Terri’s family, is a very fit and witty, beautiful women, whose flirtatious ways get her in some trouble with the wrong people. Although her character is not as interesting as the other characters, she gives the film some sass and laughter. Even in a thriller, some comic relief is nice.

Although there isn’t much to be taken from this movie, morally it definitely expresses how the public feels about Colin’s ways and how not to treat anyone.

All in all, this film is a thriller that will definitely satisfy its thrill seeking fans.

And remember…don’t let a stranger in your home…no matter what!