Drake Expands His Unruly Sound in New Mixtape With Future


Rappers Future and Drake conversing. Posted on instagram account @champagnepapi on Sunday, September 20th the day of the mixtape release.

Alviana Johnson, Music Reviewer

Another surprise mixtape by rapper Drake, this time collaborating with rapper Future.

Let’s get straight to it, is this mixtape worth your hard-earned money? No. All music should be free. But if you’re a heavy fan of either of the artists than I would definitely recommend supporting it. If you’re not into the whole “trap music wave” than Drake’s single “30 for 30 Freestyle” might be more fitting for you.

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Fans first heard of the mixtape when Drake posted the cover art on his instagram (@champagnepapi) on Saturday, September 24, 2015 forewarning its release on Sunday at 8pm Est. He later posted the mixtapes 11-song tracklist and the producers of each single.

Future is a trap music rapper that had his breakthrough when he released the single ‘S—‘. His rap career continued to boom when he worked with artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Migos etc. An artist they will surely play while at the younger hip hop clubs, I’ve never been a fan of him but his music is quite relevant.

If you’re the type of person that loves good beats and you just wanna drive around town listening to the “hottest new music” than this mixtape is a for sure grab.

Shout out to the 22-year old producer Metro Boomin who laced over half this mixtape with some really hard beats. Just like Future, Metro Boomin is from Atlanta and associated with the trap music side of rap.

This mixtape isn’t what fans are used to receiving from Drake. The only song that stays true to his musical career is ’30 for 30 Freestyle’ which was produced by his very own Noah “40” Shebib. This is the only song that Future doesn’t contribute to. The melody is lowkey and his voice is powerful. In the song, it seems as if Drake is venting to a personal friend, sharing his life struggles.

“But I got bigger fish to fry. I’m talking bigger s— than you and I. Kids are losing lives, got me scared of losing mine. And if I hold my tongue about it I get crucified”.

Which is definitely true for all rappers who come from a place with a high crime/murder rate. I feel like these people have an obligation to their fans; growth, higher learning, and spiritual connections.

In the 30 for 30 Freestyle Drake also raps in Spanish.

“Papi Shampoo, young pablito de seis dios” – Papi Shampoo is a Dominican slang term for a womanizer that dresses well. He also calls himself the young 6 God in Spanish, while making an allusion to notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, according to Rap Genius.

How saucy will his verses get?!

I’ve seen a lot of snapchats with people playing different songs from the new mixtape already. Whenever Drake puts his name on it, you bet there’s gonna be a lot of plays. The mixtape is pretty consistent with its trap sound, club bangers. So if that’s what you’re into make sure you grab a copy from itunes. If you’re looking for a more soulful sound 30 for 30 Freestyle is the only song for you.