‘Crimson Peak’ fails to scare, but manages to entrance



Mia Wasikowska embodies Edith Cushing in October release of ‘Crimson Peak’ Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Jennifer Ovalle, Staff Writer

The mystery surrounding ‘Crimson Peak’ is as apparent as its harmless ghosts but manages to enchant viewers.

The highly anticipated film by the renowned fantasy horror filmmaker, Guillermo Del Toro lures audiences in with its talented cast and beautiful imagery but the horror and mystery the film had promised was just an illusion.

At the core of this gothic romance is an aspiring young writer, Edith Cushing who is played by Mia Wasikowska. The supernatural is a recurring theme in Cushing’s life and ultimately serves as her literary muse, having hopes of becoming the next Mary Shelley. Struggling to make a name for herself as an author in industrial era New York, a tall, dark and handsome stranger named Sir Thomas Sharpe, played by Tom Hiddleston comes in to her life. Sharpe sweeps Cushing off her feet and whisks her away to his remote estate, where they live with Sharpe’s mercurial and dominating sister Lucille, who is marvelously brought to life by Jessica Chastaine.

The film was engaging due to its dialogue which fused the right amount of wit and dark humor. Del Toro still managed to pay homage to old gothic romances by lacing the script with romantic language, which was all wonderfully executed by its talented cast. The beautiful scenery, costumes and effects were also a key element that reels viewers in.

However, the shroud that initially engulfed the Sharpes in mystery fades far too soon in to the story and has a plot as transparent as the phantoms that haunt the halls of the eerie manor. The twists and revelations the film rapidly built, fall flat as they can be spotted from miles away. The frights and the ghosts the film enticed viewers with seemed to have moved towards the light, and gave way to a doomed and intriguing love story instead.

Though Del Toro didn’t scare viewers and couldn’t provide a shocking mystery, his take on this dark romantic saga manages to enchant audiences enough to stick around till the bitter end to see how everything plays out for the strong willed heroine. The film is a good watch for a night out with friends and mature audiences especially those who appreciate a good ol’ fashioned gothic story and fans of Del Toro.