Collaborative art show displayed at Mesa College

Lora Neshovska, Editor-In-Chief

With the end of the academic year quickly approaching, some are studying for finals, while others add finish touches to class projects. Such was the case for the Art and Fashion Departments students on the opening day of the student gallery exhibition. Student artists from various classes debuted their collection of works, which are to be exhibited in the Mesa Art Gallery from April 28 to May 10.

This rich compilation features a range of student work including printmaking, digital media, design, photography, sculpting, ceramics, drawing, and painting. Some of the pieces featured are for sale, while other are strictly for visual appreciation.

Not only did the exhibition feature exclusively Mesa student art, it was entirely composed and executed by the Museum Studies program students of Mesa College. The program is led by Fine Art Professors Cindy Zimmerman and Alessandra Moctezuma. Gallery Coordinator Moctezuma said this program is the only regional Museum Studies and one of the few at a college level.

The final product of the Student Art Exhibition was essentially a collaboration between Art, Fashion, and Museum Studies students. Moctezuma said some students choose the exact location of their work, but the decisions are ultimately left to the Museum Studies students.

One artist featured in the show, Juan A. Gonzalez, utilized leftover material from a previous exhibit, Chor Boogie’s “Divided State of America.” In his mixed media art piece, Gonzalez used Boogie’s leftover spray can tips as inspiration for the final product. The piece “In Art We Trust” was a play on the phrase “In God We Trust,” one of Boogie’s installations, and was intended to highlight the beneficial aspects of art making.

Another student, Mary Chan exhibited an art installation with a powerful message. Chan’s piece “Deconstruction” was intended to represent the personal, emotional, and psychological walls we all build within us. A suspended paper wall graffitied with issues and insecurities prompted students to interact by cutting and throwing away anything they feel is not serving them. Toward the end of the installation, Chan included a quote by author Seja Majeed stating, “We search for happiness across every landscape, if only we knew that the seed in which it first grows is planted within ourselves.” Chan hopes this quote invokes thoughtful reflection as they approach the sequel to “Deconstructed,” a white sheet with colorful “seeds of happiness.” Chan said she thinks beauty is within everyone, but in order to manifest it, we need to get rid of the negatives first.

As a final project for all the mentioned departments, the Student Art Exhibition did an amazing job of incorporating all the students’ efforts in one final exposition. This team effort really encompasses a wide range of student productions, signifying the strength and diversity of the artistic programs at Mesa College.