‘Rings’ Review: The mediocre sequel


Johnaysha Davis-Escalera, Staff Writer

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The list of horror films to be released in 2017 is extensive. If you’re a horror genre fan, 2017 may be your year! One of the first horror films of the year to hit the box office was “Rings”.  The movie is for viewers who enjoy the art of storytelling, with a side of evil. This article may contain  spoilers.

The young supernatural serial killer Samara (Bonnie Morgan) demonstrates that her powers have reached new heights since last appearing on the big screen in 2005, in a dramatic opening airplane scene. When the screen fades to black you’re left wondering how is anyone going to escape someone with powers that have no boundaries?

After Samara’s comeback is established, the focus is then shifted to Professor Gabriel (Johnny Galecki), as he watches a VHS tape he pried from an old VCR. The content on the tape told the story of Samara, who was killed because of her supernatural powers. Anyone who watches receives a phone call informing them that they have seven days to live. Johnny Galecki lives up to his reputation of being portrayed on-screen as an intellectual when his character Professor Gabriel converts the tape footage into an easily transferable computer file. Because of this Samara’s message becomes easily accessible through digital media. Since it is Johnny Galecki of course his character discovered a way to escape the curse, turning his experience into a research study in which he conducts within the college course he teaches. Professor Gabriel exposes his research to his student Holt (Alex Roe). When Holt disappears the movie becomes your typical ride or die romance as his girlfriend Julia (Matilda Lutz) embarks on a mission to save Holt. When Julia and Holt are reunited she soon realizes that her boyfriend is carrying deadly baggage.

In the films prior to this sequel Samara’s message was restricted to only VHS tapes. This wouldn’t be convenient for a film with a present day plot due to the fact that most people no longer own VCRs. Director F. Javier Gutierrez made a smart decision by converting the VHS content to a transferable media file. Ugh,  just when we thought chainmail was a thing of the past Samara’s curse can now remain effective.

Even though Alex Roe played the dreamy leading male role well, his character is overshadowed as he serves as sidekick to his fearless girlfriend. Actress Matilda Lutz did a great job of playing a young woman who can’t be stopped. Her character spent most of the film blatantly going against others advice in an attempt to prove that what she believed was right. Compared to the typical damsel in distress leading female role we are used to seeing in films her brave character is quite refreshing, kudos to her!

The film might not have been entertaining enough to be labeled as best horror film to of the year, however, it certainly was an acceptable kick off. Due to the fact that most of Samara’s murder acts were not visibly shown on-screen if you enjoy glory bloody horror films then this PG-13 rated movie is not for you. The lack of ruthless content we’re used to seeing from serial killers did not ruin the film’s creepy feel. Watching contortionist Bonnie Morgan perform her notorious “spider walk” out of  yet another television screen still made me contemplate throwing mines out. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys sinister stories that won’t prevent them from sleeping at night.

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