The Sign is Here – Zodiac Reading

Naz Hakim, Staff Writer

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With fake news and different conspiracy theories roaming around our country, everything seems to be questionable as to what is reliable or not. It seems as though many are looking for direction as to what can be true, even looking at the stars. Astrology has been used by humans for at least 5000 years, and with the planets and the galaxy being examined daily, horoscopes are told through the alignment of the dark night.

Using the birth date and the exact location of where someone was born, astrologists are said to be able to examine one’s life to see what characteristics that person will obtain in their life. For what is most known (disregarding the rumor of an extra horoscope sign) there are 12 zodiac signs that determine each person’s personality strengths and weaknesses.

So, to start, the 12 signs are broken into four categories; water, earth, fire, and air signs.

Aries – Aries is a fire sign that has been labeled with the characteristics of someone who is very outgoing and has probably done it all. This sign is known to also be very trusting, making them appear more naive with their childlike heart. Yet they are very aggressive towards what they want. This unique combination makes the person come off as confusing.

Taurus is an earth sign, and is very protective of who gets close to them. They tend to stay very detached from things that may be harmful or fearful, being more cautious to their surroundings. Though they are compassionate towards those they love, they do come off stubborn as a bull, which, is their symbol.

Geminis are known for their different personalities. This sign has gained the reputation of being indecisive and wanting to pursue creative thoughts. They are huge communicators, as they are always looking for the next big thing in life. Their adventurous drive requires a partner that can keep up.

Cancer is a water sign that is all about family and friends. This sign tends to be more emotional and sensitive, especially towards their loved ones. They put love on a pedestal which makes them nurtures to the rest of the world.

Leo, a fire sign, has three soul-evolutions to their personas, starting with being wise, second is ego with being the protective kind, and lastly the immature evolution. This doesn’t mean the sign is naive but rather taken back from things that are yet unknown. Despite their weaknesses, they are natural born leaders and trendsetters, with their fashion sense and charisma.

Virgo has high standards for what is around them. This earth sign tends to reach for the best and always putting the best foot forward. Their kind hearts make them reliable and self-sacrificing to those around them.

Libra is the relatable air sign. This sign likes to relate the most to those around them to feel connected, and has a innate opinion to beauty. They take on challenges with grace and have an unbiased outlook on life.

Scorpios are a water sign that is powerful in triumph. Scorpios tend to be more passionate than the rest of the signs, being very hard-working in anything they set their minds to. With their devoted passion, it can make them ruthless as to never forgive or forget, though one will never know. Leaning more towards being secretive and showing up on the opponent in actual work.

Sagittarius are usually more optimistic than any other sign. They see the good in all and want to always to the best things in life, making them easy to be around since are very spontaneous and free-spirited.

Capricorn is an earth sign and they tend to be very cautious to their surroundings. They seem to always have an eye as to what is happening to them and those around them. They are willing to try unusual approaches to new things, and they stay reliable and responsible through it all.

The last air sign that is intellectually driven and wanting to solve the mysteries of life is Aquarius. They can be inventors as well as humanitarians since they want to help change the world, but they tend to stay free from commitment.

The final sign is Pisces, which is a water sign. The zodiac symbol is of two fishes, one upstream and one downstream, indicating that they are conflicted between two sets of emotions, though this doesn’t stop them from being imaginative and looking for an understanding in the world.

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The Sign is Here – Zodiac Reading