Five Ways to Destress For Finals

Naz Hakim, Staff Writer

It’s that horrible time of year, no not the beginning of the school year, but the end of the school year. That may be confusing since summer is around the corner meaning the sun is shining bright through the day and sunsets are longer and softer through the evenings, though one more thing must be done before the start of vacation; finals. Here at Mesa the graduation ceremony was held the weekend before finals, leaving graduates excited with the prevalence of transfer and tied down to the debt of finishing up the last couple of units. With all the commotion, here are five ways to distress during this week to make it a smoother transition to the summer break.

  1. Study, study, study… social media break.
  • Now, come on, we’re trying to be scholars here! Studying is a must, but allow yourself to take a break in-between every chapter you study and go on your phone, check SnapChat and Instagram to see the cool lives celebrities are living, then back to the grind.
  1. Have a dance session after every post-study session with friends.
  • Studying alone will definitely lead to procrastination, so joining a study group not only will make it more fun, but a better experience to learn the material faster. And, after every session, put on some tunes and jam out for a good minute or so.
  1. We live in San Diego, take advantage.
  • Beautiful weather, awesome beaches, great views. What more of a distraction do you need? This is the time to give yourself a reward after every final and go to the beach for a couple of hours, even take a stroll down the museums at Balboa Park.
  1. Recommended if you really love food.
  • There’s nothing like trying a new place to eat and experiencing a flavorful taste for the first time to get your mind off of that chemistry test that’s secretly bringing down your GPA. Seriously. Go on Yelp, see what’s nearby with at least four stars and give it a shot, maybe it will become your favorite.
  1. Exercise… no really it helps.
  • Okay don’t get mad, but really letting out the stress of that B so close to an A. Studies have even showed the endorphins released that help bring happy thoughts to the brain, so take out all that anger at the gym or even stretch it out at a yoga class.