Mesa Commons, Food for Thought

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Mesa Commons, Food for Thought

Pizza Bar

Dominick Celestina, Reporter

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When thinking of cafeteria food, what comes to mind is gulp sized milk cartons and mystery meat. An old lady with a mole on her face and a smelly apron, mumbling about how much she hates kids these days. Maybe even fold out laminate picnic tables in a gymnasium that doubles as a mess hall. The available food on campus at the cafeteria is anything but that, and the dining arrangements are much more modern. Also, the prices are more than reasonable. One would be genuinely surprised at the myriad of food options available and the overall quality of the dining experience that Mesa College has to offer.

At the far side of the cafeteria there is a pizza bar where you can grab bread sticks, pasta, and pizza by the slice. Adjacent to the pizza bar sharing the same counter space you can order a California burrito, cheese and jalapeno covered seasoned french-fries even burrito bowls like those found at Chipotle. There is an entirely separate counter dedicated to breakfast and lunch where the Philly sandwiches have a generous portion of gooey cheese and the breakfast sandwiches are almost addicting. There are even veggie burgers and curly fries offered here. A fourth counter, though offering slightly less options, has Orange chicken with rice and stir-fried vegetables.

The secretive Culinary Outlet presented to you by the culinary arts program where the menu is different every day and one can expect items on the menu such as Moroccan coffee dry rubbed ribs and jalapeno orange Scallops; here the doors were locked and no hours of operation were posted. An equally secretive organic herb garden supposedly exists on campus as well. Also worth mentioning is the M-stop across from the new exercise science building, the Terrace Café located on the top floor of the student services building, and the Mesa LRC located on the first floor of the library. If you’re hungry, consider your various options on campus before going to another generic taco shop. You just might be surprised.

On the flipside, nutrition information is not available by request. Vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, and vegan options are limited as with almost every establishment. The atmosphere of the dining area on the main level can differ depending on the day, and time of day. Sometimes it can be cluttered with students and crumbs, scattered with trash, and riddled with sticky table tops, however, it can also be a baron and relatively untouched sanctuary to get some reading done and grab a snack before your next class. Go see for yourself and experience everything Mesa has to offer.

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