Cafe Tacvba One of the greatest Mexican Rock Bands alive


Karina Bazarte

Singer Ruben ( Cafe Tacvba)

Karina Bazarte, Staff writer



Cafe Tacvba, a Mexican rock band, was born in 1989. With only having house garage performances, no one knew how important and successful Cafe Tacvba would become. Cafe Tacvba counts with its original group members like Ruben (vocalist), Meme (keyboard, piano,etc), Quique (bass guitar), and Joselo (acoustic guitar). Cafe Tacvba has touch of indie rock, folk rock, garage rock, experimental, and marichi. Their biggest hits are “Maria” which was nominated for video of the year in 1993, “La chica Banda,” which has a touch of Native American and Mestizo culture, La batallas, “La ingrata” which has a taste of mock-nortena (this controversial song is not played anymore), “Dejate caer,” “Chilanga banda,” which is slang for Mexico D.F tongue-twisters, “ El baile del salon,” Eres,” a romantic song singed by the drummer Meme, and their latest hit “1-2-3.” These are only a few of their many incredible hits.           


On Feb.17, Cafe Tacvba performed at El Foro in Tijuana. The concert started around 9 p.m. and ended around 11 p.m.. They promoted their new album, “Jei Beibi,” which has won a Latin Grammy Award for best alternative music album. Their opening song was “Futuro,” which stands for future, as soon as those drums started playing, the crowd screamed with excitement. Not one person sat down for the whole entire concert, and using their cell phones as lights when the room turned pitch black. These four members are natural performers when it comes to concerts; not once did they stop dancing. Cafe Tacvba not only performs, but they express their feelings towards nature, animals, and issues around the world.  


Cafe Tacvba has 12 albums, and the album that made them rise to the top was “Re.” “Re” was so successful that they were compared to the Beatles by the Rolling Stones Magazine. Cafe Tacvba has had amazing collaborations and some productions. Cafe Tacvba has become an amazing legendary band, not only because of their music that speaks from the soul, but because of their freedom of speech and the connection between them and their fans.