Have you tried San Diego’s best ramen?


taste the ramen at Underbelly

Karina Bazarte , Staff writer

You haven’t? Well Underbelly is the name. With two locations, North park and Little Italy give a hipster relaxing vibe. As soon as the door opens, amazing vibes are felt. Underbelly is a quiet place where noodles are loved, comfortable seating, and delicious drinks and food can be found. “ I love it here, I can come everyday,because everyone is so nice and the noodles are like being in heaven,” Joaquin Valdez, a customer, said.


At Underbelly, you can find delicious appetizers, buns, salads, rice bowls, and ramen. The most popular dish from Underbelly is the Underbelly ramen. Underbelly ramen has a soft boiled egg, chashu pork, and adobo pulled pork. One of the most popular drinks at Underbelly is called sake, a Japanese  alcoholic drink.


Underbelly has two locations one at the corner of Ups Street, and the other at the corner of Kettner Street. Next time you’re looking for a relaxing friendly place with a fair price, be sure to go to Underbelly.  


Ramen noodles can become your best friend, not just any but Underbelly ramen noodles.