Kono’s Surf Club, a local breakfast spot

Konos Surf Club, a local breakfast spot

Melanie Reiter, Staff Writer

Pacific Beach locals line up every morning for Kono’s Surf Club, a family owned restaurant built in 1991. With their hard-to-beat location right on the Crystal Pier off of Grand Ave, it is difficult to resist! They are known for their signature coffee, with a simplistic hearty menu, including classic french toast, bacon, eggs, and their famous Kono potatoes, drizzled in cheese, bell peppers, and onions.

Once you order your homemade breakfast, you can grab a spot right on the pier and enjoy your meal! You will never leave hungry, as the cooks make sure to fill every spot on your plate.

The staff is very friendly and personable, making it a welcoming experience.

So next Sunday morning, when you’re too lazy to cook, check out this local cafe! But be aware that there will be a line of people who are just as eager to eat their delicious food!