Mental Health Services Offered for Free on Campus


Mesa Office of Communications

Hopefully this grade option will help students in their academic journey.

Kellie Summers, Staff Writer

Recent research has noted different deterrents affecting students’ capabilities in obtaining resources for mental health. Lack of affordability has been primarily responsible for restricting college students to access mental health support. At San Diego Mesa College, the health fee that is paid by students, is to establish easy access for Mesa students to utilize the campus subsidized services. However, recent studies have found that some college campuses offering subsidized health services, find that student’s may be affected by the stigma surrounding mental illness.

UCLA recently studied the stigma relating to mental illness in over 75 U.S. campus colleges. The studies found a higher stigma in college student’s which caused a deterrent for seeking treatment. Student Health Director, Suzanne Khambata, said the most deterring factor in a students’ motive to seeking help for mental health at San Diego Mesa College, is the stigma that “students won’t come in because they feel someone will find out.” Khambata explained that some students feel reluctant to seek help using the campus resources because they feel unsure of the security.

Khambata addresses how the computer systems at Student Health Services are made to be secure. The servers they use to check student’s in are private and structured differently than the ones you see around other campus offices. Limiting the possibility of anyone outside the Student Health office to access information. Khambata said that language barriers are another determining factor of why Mesa students may feel pulled to seeking help, “we need the community to know we will pay for an interpreter.” If there is not one readily available at the time student were to inquire for counseling, faculty will find an interpreter.

Mesa students can access health services during office hours. Based on each individual student needs, you may find a licensed therapist or nurse practitioner to help evaluate the extent of services needed to provide the student. In addition to free health care services on campus, students can be provided with prescription medication for mild to moderate depression. If any given case goes beyond the extent of which services cannot be provided, faculty will direct students to outside resources that will help for most serious mental illnesses.

Office hours for Counseling are, Monday through Thursday: 8am-6pm and Friday: 8am-3pm. Student’s can call the Health Center (619) 388-2774 or schedule an appointment in person at Student Health Services Room I4-209 in the Student Services Building.