Associated Students hosts Homecoming Tailgate


Samantha Festin

Entrance booth at tailgate event with Mesa College colors and football balloons attached to support Olympians on Sept. 22.

Samantha Festin, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government presented the Mesa Homecoming Tailgate, an event filled with festivities that took place before the football game between Mesa and Grossmont College on Sept. 22 from 4-6 p.m. The event proved to be a success after friends and family members gathered in Parking Lot 3 to celebrate the Olympians coming together to play against the Griffins.

The entrance booth provided free Mesa Tailgate T-shirts, blue and gold necklaces, and food vouchers for anyone with a student ID card. Taylor Carpenter, 25-year-old Communication Studies and Black/Africana Studies major and AS senator, handed out the vouchers that people could use to get free burgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones.

The event consisted of an opportunity drawing that people could enter by winning carnival games, such as a bottle ring toss, bottle throw, stop and throw game, and an inflatable bounce run. People also had the chance to enter by purchasing one ticket for $5 or five tickets and a Mesa limited edition flag for $20. All ticket funds went directly to a scholarship. Sofia Castellani-Staedler, 19-year-old sociology major and AS president who hosted the drive sponsored by the San Diego Mesa College Foundation, announced winners every 30 minutes.

Prizes included gift cards, limited edition Mesa sweatshirts, and a guitar amplifier made by a student that was involved in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The program also offered a free DACA renewal fee for the raffle winner that the college will be announcing on Oct. 11.

The first winner of the raffle, Wes, won a gift card handed to him by Castellani-Staedler after the first 30 minutes of the event. The second winner, Agy, claimed her ticket number after no one claimed it the first time it was called. By the time the third winner was announced, there was a mix-up with the true winners of the raffle prize. A boy named Liam claimed the ticket after the AS president made two calls. The prize belonged to someone else, but the boy who claimed the ticket number did not hesitate to run off after taking his prize.

The AS president apologized for the confusion and talked to the real prize winners about looking over the ticket numbers. “So we had another criminal incident where he ran,” Castellani-Staedler said. The boy who claimed his prize did not come back to return it, leaving the children who rightfully deserved the prize in the dust.

Other than the raffle ticket mishap, Castellani-Staedler had fun hosting the event as she awaited the start of the football game. “The energy and comradery of students, staff, and a team coming together to beat Grossmont was exciting to see,” she said. The Associated Students worked hard to put on the event and made sure to show their support for the Olympians.

Theo Douwes, 20-year-old economics and philosophy double major and AS treasurer, felt accomplished after helping out with the event. “It helps create the community we need,” he said. “I’d like to thank everyone for being here. So nice to see you all.” Douwes participated as a volunteer along with the rest of the AS members that chose to dedicate their time and effort to the formation of the tailgate party. These members helped set up booths and decorations, took up shifts, and communicated with each other in order to make the party successful.

After the tailgate event, people who had football game tickets headed down to the field to watch the sports teams play. Wheelchair accessibility was made possible for those who needed it and cars filled up parking spots as more people arrived to watch the game. The Associated Students were proud to be a part of the event as they discussed the highlights of the party during their office meeting the following Monday.

Samantha Festin
Baktash Olomi, 19, sociology major and AS senate representative and Jenny Nguyen, 23, computer science major and AS vice president help set up decorations with volunteers on Sept. 22.
Samantha Festin
Honors Club, RISE Club (Rising Immigrant Scholars Through Education), French Program, Honors Psychology Club, and Martial Arts Alliance booths.