Grab your tissues for ‘A Star Is Born’


Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Delaney Schafnitz, Features Editor

“A Star Is Born”, the fourth remake of this romantic drama and the best of all four versions, stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and is tear-jerking love story that will pull on your heartstrings, Producing scenes that range from hilarious to needing to reach for the tissues, “A Star Is Born” has it all.

The film follows Jackson Maine, a famous musician played by Bradley Cooper, who stumbles upon a bar where Ally, a struggling musician played by Lady Gaga, works as a singer. The two soon fall in love and embark on the journey of Ally becoming a big star in the music industry.

“A Star Is Born” created a big hype with it being the fourth time this movie has been made and with the many trailers released before the movie premiered, but the movie itself went above expectations. This emotion-filled, dramatic movie moves the audience in more ways than one.

Gaga and Cooper have an on-screen chemistry that draws the audience in and keeps you hooked throughout the entire movie.

For those looking for a film that has a sense of comedy to it as well as a seriousness that keeps the audience engaged and emotionally invested, then “A Star is Born” would be the perfect fit.