‘Halloween’ makes its return and it doesn’t disappoint



Michael Myers escapes his mental hospital in search of Laurie Strode for their final confrontation in ‘Halloween’

Megan Blacher, Staff Writer

One of the classic Halloween horror movies, ‘Halloween,’ returns with a sequel forty years later causing high hopes from horror movie fans.

In the original “Halloween” made in 1978, a young boy named Michael Myers kills his sister on Halloween night and is sent to a mental hospital. Fifteen years later he escapes and returns to his home and goes after a young girl named Laurie Strode, who is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. After ten movies and many attempts, this time Laurie Strode, the main character of the Halloween franchise, eventually comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers 50 years later.

Unlike most of the previous movies, this movie is a direct sequel to the first one, meaning it ignores everything that happens in the previous remakes.

Because the movie was long anticipated, the expectations from the audience were very high, but they were met. From beginning to end, the movie had the audience on the edge of their seat. With a few jump scares, a touch of humor, and Curtis’ incredible acting, “Halloween” left the audience shocked, scared, and wanting more.

The plot was not disappointing and it managed to capture the atmosphere of the original movie. There was not one scene of the movie that made the audience question the events, making it more credible and likable at the same time. Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal of her character Laurie got the audience engaged from her first appearance. Not only did she capture the audience’s attention immediately, but she also was also able to keep some of teenage Laurie’s characteristics, which depicted a strong, fearless, and brave woman.

Judy Green, who plays Laurie’s daughter Karen, and her granddaughter Allyson, played by Andi Matichak were also essential roles to the movie which added suspense and also supported Curtis’ acting.

Although the previous Halloween movies weren’t praised, this one was, and it was without a doubt, the best one made yet. For those who enjoy horror classics, and want to get a scare during Halloween, this movie is the one.

Throughout the movie, the sequel made a number of references to the first movie, beginning with the credits, which are the same as the ones from the first movie produced in 1978 and also included the classic soundtrack. Other elements, such Laurie’s granddaughter seats in class, which is the same one as Laurie had in high school, or the fact that Laurie and Michael are related, are reflected in this movie and some references are made.