Halloween takes over Mesa with Theatre Company’s haunted trail



During the haunted trail, the actors weren’t the only scary thing.

Megan Blacher, Staff Writer

After a successful play during the month of October, the theatre company transformed the Apolliad theatre into a haunted trail for Halloween.

The Apolliad theatre happens to be the oldest building at Mesa, and that is only a small part of what makes this tour spooky. The tour is guided by one of the actors who takes the guests around the theatre and backstage showing them the behind the scenes of every play, but with a scary twist.

The story of the tour is that those who participate in it are being taken to an audition, but must get through the craziness and hidden spooky secrets of the theatre before auditioning. Throughout the tour, the guide takes the crowd behind the scenes of the theatre, while telling them a story and getting jumpscares from the actors constantly, asking the crowd to please not leave them behind.

Characters such as dark angels, creepy masked creatures, or simply actors who have been possessed by the stress of acting are only some of the many scary roles who participate in the haunted theatre tour.

The tour was open from Oct. 30 to Oct. 31 from 11 a.m. through 1:45 p.m. Tickets were $5 and all proceeds went to a fundraiser.