Finals week takes off at the LOFT


Samantha Festin

Finals week takes place while employees use the LOFT as a space for preparation and professional activities.

Samantha Festin, Staff Writer

San Diego Mesa College students are working their way toward the last week of the semester and as final exams and assignments come up, professors and employees at the college are focusing their energy on ending the year right by visiting the Learning Opportunities for Transformation (LOFT) development center. This campus hub makes the jobs of faculty and staff easier by providing equipment and tools for success.

Mesa employees can come to this professional working space and schedule meetings or grade papers as they concentrate on giving students the best education they can. In order to accomplish their goals of educating efficiently, professors come to the LOFT to plan out their ideas for creating a productive learning environment. Educators communicate with other staff members about effective teaching methods and ways to improve the curriculum.

Employees can grab refreshments at the LOFT, located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) rooms 432 and 435 as finals wrap up. Room 432 offers professional training and scheduled appointments for staff members along with a projection system, laptops, and tablets while room 435 also provides a projection system and other presentation tools.

The LRC extended its hours to 11 p.m. on Dec. 11-13 for students as well, so professors are not the only ones who are getting extra support from Mesa during these last few days of the semester.

Staff members utilize academic knowledge, organization, and critical thinking skills at the LOFT as it opens up for all employees at Mesa College. This is a place for professionals to interact and share thoughts or opinions about the school and the classes they teach.

The LOFT features implements including monitors, movable white boards, clickers, computers, scanners, and tablets. The room also provides a Scantron Machine to ease the process of grading tests.

Finals week at the LOFT involves planning, social gatherings, and much help from Mesa staff members to create a safe space for participating in professional activities. Staff members can apply their skills to the events that take place at the LOFT as they use this station as a commonplace area to enhance the techniques they use to teach and inspire students.