Jimmy Panther, The Debut


Matthew Martinez, Staff Writer

As the summer came to an end, Hip-Hop artist Sebby OG kept the summer spirit alive with the release of his debut solo album “Jimmy Panthers.” Hailing from the south bay of San Diego, Sebby’s second album has been forthcoming since the 2017 release of “STONEDCOLDPILOTS,” an album he released under the group OPENPAD, in which he partnered up with hip hop artist Saucalini. The 12 track album captures the essence of what your normal laid back day in San Diego is all about whether you’re in the blistering cold freezing your socks off, feeling homesick because you’re thousands of miles away, stuck in traffic agonizing to be home — turn on the Jimmy Panthers album and escape into the sounds of San Diego This album was special for him because on the back of his vinyl release he pays tribute to his childhood friend who has since passed away.
Sonically, the “Jimmy Panthers” album has its own unique presence in the sense that Sebby took melodies that would classically be used by San Diego lowrider clubs to cruise down the streets of El Cajon Boulevard and Logan Avenue and gave those sounds a millennial twist, signifying a new generation of locals who appreciate the San Diego scene. Songs like “WhatsApp” featuring Saucalini, “Touchdown Dance,” “90’s Baby,” and the “Pink Panther” interlude can be transcended through the different age groups we have here in San Diego from the adorable babies who dance to the beat, to the parents who can share nice cold micheladas with their children, these four songs can have you reminiscing of that ’69 impala you always dreamt of having as your dream car and the girl you always wanted to take to your homie’s barbecue. The album includes the single “Splash Bro’s” featuring another artist on the rise from San Diego, Rossi Rock; he first released the track as a single and a music video to go with it. The music video features both Rossi and Sebby Manding the sails as they sail through the San Diego Bay and many San Diego tourist spots that can be seen throughout the video. Both “Arco” and “Splash Bro’s” videos have 16,837 views on youtube combined with over 1,000 streams covering all music platforms.
With the release of this Jimmy panthers album, Sebby has given the fans another solid project that can hold us till the end of the year. He’s asserted himself into the mix as one of the top artists to come out of San Diego and with more music coming out soon, there’s no telling where the ceiling ends for this hungry young artist.. You can find Jimmy Panthers the album on all streaming platforms.