Riddle Me This… Riddle Me That…WHO! is Afraid of The Big Bad Bat!?


Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS

Jeffrey Wright and Robert Pattinson star in the movie “The Batman.”

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer

Thursday night was the premiere of “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as the legendary Batman himself, while being directed by Matt Reeves who did a spectacular job. It was a long awaited film by DC & marvel fans across the world after a 5 second preview was released almost 3 years ago in theaters.


From the beginning of the movie it was obviously targeting certain batman fanatics, like myself who played the video game Batman Arkham. The first fight scene completely got me hooked as Robert Pattinson hit a few combos that were exactly from the video game when stopping crooks and even the same reactions when getting hit. Which made me happy because the audience was a little disappointing and irritating. When Batman made his first entrance and revealed  his suit it was astonishing how amazing of a good job they did. Feeling a little disappointed when he took off the mask and saw how he almost looked like a strung out goth teenager which made me feel upset like they were taking this legendary hero and making a mockery of him. Some people might say Alfred was casted as too young of man but after watching the Riddler slowly come to light it all started to slowly make sense. A personally of mine favorite catwoman was Michelle Pfeiffer from the 1992 Batman movie. It had more of the actual catwoman’s background. But the director definitely gave Zoe Kravitz some pretty awesome new age fight scenes to match those of the batmans, almost like they were flying out of a video game with their precision and agility.

When it came down to the riddler’s costume and mask, it looked horrible. It was almost as disappointing as Bane in the Dark knight from 2012 when you hear his weird squeaky voice. But towards the end of the movie i saw what they were capturing, what stirred me inside as a fan was that robert pattinson was not just playing Bruce Wayne who dresses up as batman he was there to be THE BATMAN, which might have been why i was more moved and pulled in and let go from the movie every time he took the suite and mask on and off. While the riddler looked like a bad joke from a butcher’s barn, although when we finally saw his actual face an his performance of when he was behind glass at arkham asylum, That’s where it said to me that this villain isn’t like the bat who needs a suit he is who he is with or without the mask. Paul Dano even almost resembled the riddler from the 90s Anime Show of The Batman, without the butcher mask.

Overall I thought it was an amazing film and definitely a must watch if you’re able to get tickets, I might just go watch it a second or third time myself with hopefully a better seat in the audience.