Creepy Murdering Old People


Christopher Moss/A24/TNS

Walking to the Film set, Not knowing that some of them are about to die.

Brandon Quintero, Staff Writer


This Year’s horror film scoring an almost near perfect score of a 100% on rotten tomatoes is the film “X”. If you’re a fan of the Horror films Jason X, Freddy Kruggar, Halloween or anything along those lines then you’ll Love this tasteful display of Ratting Horror. Be ready to hold your head, jump in your seat, cover your eyes, and get a somewhat of a chuckle out of it.

This film is about a group of young filmmakers looking to make their dreams come true. Starring in this Deathtrap around the late 70s are three gorgeous ladies Mia Goth,Jenna Ortega, and Brittany Snow. Brittany and Mia acting the part of two dancers/actresses who wanna have it all with their name on billboards and theaters in light. Jenna as a microphone holder for the production who slowly begins to crawl out of an innocent shell wanting to be more than just behind the scene but a star herself. Their director who happens to also be their club manager is Martin Henderson who finds their crew their production grounds and also male lead role played by Artist Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi performs in the place of a Marine veteran who lives his life as a cool disco vibe who flips the switch from disco to military depending on the vibes. The film in the story plot of the film is filmed by Owen Campbell who is thrown into a rage after an argument with his girlfriend who came along to help with the film.This leads him to ditching his crew on the farm. 


That’s when you see that the old sweet farm owners ain’t as sweet as you thought they might be, they were definitely misjudged and alot freakier than they creepingly seemed. They were not just a tad bit grumpy, no. This old couple really expressed how much pent of rage had mixed into their resentments over the decades and let it all out in a murderers killing spree that has you gasping and finding out how dangers old people can really be. This old couple will have you gasping or possibly screeching, shrouding your eyes for safety. 


It’s a bit confusing trying to explain on paper about a film being filmed, with that being said i highly recommend this tasteful rated R movie. It will have you covering your eyes rattled in horror so brace yourself for these horrifying events to take place on the big screen. So enter the movie theater with caution. This film might leave you a little hot and traumatized with nightmares.