New Look for Fine Arts Elevator


Victor L. Moore/The Mesa Press

Fresh Art For Fine Arts.

Victor L. Moore, Features Editor

The Fine Arts elevator on campus received a colorful makeover and provided a sense of excitement and anticipation to staff and students.

The Fine Arts elevator explosion of color hits you as soon as the sliding door opens with the eye shape designs and the neon colors give a 60s or 70s hippie vibe. When the elevator door closes the color selection puts you at ease for your brief elevator ride with its lavenders, neon greens, and hot pinks. 

For as long as Cheryl Sorg, the local artist who did this makeover, could remember wanted to become an artist. She would create art as just a hobby, but she quickly realized the positive impact that her art could do by also positively influencing her mental health.

Sorg has been a professional artist for 20 years and has loved every minute of it. Being able to create great works of art and balance in her life are the true rewards.

Some of the misconceptions that many people believe are that an artist needs to be represented by an art gallery to be a true professional artist, or that artists are loners, but they are myths that should be debunked immediately.

Cheryl stated, “with the emergence of social media and the dominating role it plays in society today an artist can be extremely successful in a non-traditional way.”

Sorg’s work and style connect with her favorite artists known for their contemporary style of art, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. You could definitely see their influence in her pieces, especially with the bright colors that jump off the canvas. Y

Sorg insists that becoming an artist was one of the best decisions she made in her life as she stresses that being an artist is far more than just her profession, but saved her life in so many ways.