Thrift shopping on campus


Alysse Dodge

A Mesa Fashion Club member poses for the camera at the Fashion Club’s thrift pop-up.

Alysse Dodge, Social Media & Photo Editor

The Mesa Fashion Club organized a thrift pop-up at the Mesa Commons Quad on Dec. 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All proceeds were given to the Mesa Fashion Student Scholarship Fund, and the school generously agreed to double the money made. 

Helena Limon, a Fashion Club member, told The Mesa Press that they decided to hold the thrift pop-up during finals week so students could reward themselves. Finals can be very stressful, and everyone deserves to treat themselves to self-care. This semester, self-care came in the form of thrift shopping for many Mesa students.

Each club member donated clothes and accessories from their personal closets. There were also some items donated from last year’s buying class. Together, they were able to gather a large variety of items to sell.

Prices ranged from $1-$20. Limon said, “We didn’t want to have outrageous prices because it’s for college students. Items from more expensive stores were priced higher, but the highest priced item is only $20.” By doing this, the Fashion Club made it possible for students working with a low income to participate in the popup, donate to the cause, and obtain something desirable. 

Club members proposed the idea in Nov. Once their idea was approved, they began diligently planning the event. A lot of time and effort was put into creating an enjoyable, yet meaningful experience for students both in the Fashion Club and not. Not only did members work hard to obtain the items and schedule a date, but they also did an excellent job aesthetically displaying the merchandise. 

The Fashion Club is an organization that provides both education and extracurricular activities in the region of fashion. The activities incorporated in the club are intended to complement and expand beyond what can be taught in the classroom. Though the Mesa College ICC is currently undertaking a recondition of their web-based services including information on how students can engage with mesa college clubs, club registration will reopen in the spring semester of 2023. It’s important for students to be on the lookout for updates. 

The Fashion Club’s thrift pop-up was a huge success! A lot of money was raised for the scholarship fund, and many students walked away with reasonably priced items to add to their closets. The Fashion Club is constantly planning enjoyable on-campus events. They’ll be back with more club activities in the spring semester.