The Secret Roommate

Melinda Castro

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We all have that one moment in time in our lives, where we have an unwanted intruder in our house, let it be a bug or a small animal, but we all have them. However this might top just that. In a off-campus housing community at Ohio State University, a group of men, rented out a fixer-upper home, expecting to split the rent, and get through college living in this house.

According to the Lantern the Ohio State University newspaper, the OSU students didn’t know about the “random guy” living in the basement of the home, jokingly blaming the continued noises and random left opened cupboards to a ghost roaming the house. But when it got out of hand, the men followed the noises to what they thought was a locked utility closet. With closer investigation from the contacted maintenance workers, they found out that the locked door actually lead to a furnished bedroom, adorned with photographs and textbooks.

The room belonged to a young OSU attendee Jeremy, whom one of the roommates Brett Mugglin actually had met a while back and had a conversation with in the home’s basement but assumed he was simply visiting friends in another part of the house, little did he know was that he was secretly living behind a locked door nearby. The students contacted Jeremy to come pick up his things and leave the home immediately.Brett commented to the Reporter from the Lantern saying ” i feel bad for him, it’s just, he wasnt supposed to be living there… it’s funny now , but it potentially could have been extremely dangerous given that some random guy had a key to our house and was just living in our house without anyone knowing.”

Currently the student residents of the home are considering legal action against the leasing company, complaining about lack of oversight of the situation. In the end, it keeps you thinking, are you and your roommates actually the only ones living in your home right now?

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