Crime Report

Breeana Leyva, Opinion Editor

September 5th

  • Illegal Parking -Students have been parking in 15 min loading zone, citation issued.
  • Staff Member has reported that students  have been parking in staff parking lots, citations have been issued.
  • Well fare check- Teacher received a text message from one of their students the night before stating that she was having a bad reaction from her medicatin and the student stated she feared for her life, Student was last seen by teacher Tuesday and hsant shown up for class since.

September 6th

  • Hit and run- A women says her car was hit the day before in the parking structure and did not notice the damage until she got home. Vehicle was scratched near the gas tank.

September 9th

  • Suspicious odor- the smell of natural gas was reported near the stairwell next to the tennis courts.