Coffee is life!



Drinking coffee can have many health benefits.

Danilo Urquia

There is good news about coffee! The heavenly substance that can spark up your mood at any time of day has proven positive health benefits, and drinking it more often is being highly recommended.
I never fully appreciated a cup of coffee until I started college and discovered that the drink makes me feel like superman, especially on busy days. Some people don’t drink coffee for various reasons like indigestion or sleep deprivation, but over 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. says that the United States is one of the top coffee consuming countries in the world! Drinking around 400 million cups of coffee per day!
As published by the Harvard School of Public Health, long-term coffee consumption can reduce risks for type two diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s and melanoma. CNN says that the studies suggest drinking between 3-5 cups of coffee per day. Score for the coffee lovers!
Caffeine stimulates the brain and nervous system, and when we drink it, it speeds up the signals traveling between the brain and the body, resulting in more energy, awareness, and focus. But careful! Health Magazine says that if you drink too much, you might start to feel jiggery, anxious, get mild stomachaches or in some cases, raise blood pressure.
What coffee is also well known for is being an antioxidant, increase metabolism, and improve your performance when working out. Make sure you drink it in moderation, to avoid becoming addicted to it as well as the headaches that might come along when you try to stop. I usually only drink coffee when I feel like I really need to be awake for something during the day or if I need to stay up at night to do homework.
And just to clarify, this caffeine is not the type of caffeine you will find in energy drinks, sodas, or anything of that matter which is mixed with all types of sweeteners and calories. This caffeine is just a good old cup of Joe. Good caffeine equals good health, bad caffeine equal bad health. Enjoy!