Mesa Tutoring and Computing Center (MT2C) in the LRC

Tremaine Harvey, Staff Writer

San Diego Mesa College’s, Learning Resource Center has transformed part of its bottom floor into its reconceived tutoring center. The Mesa Tutoring and Computing Center, previously the Academic Skills Center, is on the first, second, and fourth floors of the LRC.

The first floor of the LRC is now offering free academic tutoring from professional tutors in the following disciplines: accounting, American Sign Language, computer business technology, computer and information sciences, economics, multimedia, and web development.

The writing center remains on the second floor and the tutors there will help students with their writing for any class they may have. They also offer 24/7 online tutoring that allows students to upload their essays and receive feedback on their work over the web. Appointments can be made online or in person for a face to face meeting and they welcome students to attend their hour long writing workshops. The workshop schedule will be available soon.

The language center remains on the second floor as well. The tutors there are able to help students with their language classes. Currently the language center is offering tutoring in the following languages: Spanish, French, and Japanese. The language center is currently available on a drop in basis.

Located on the fourth floor of the LRC are math and science tutoring services. There, they tutor all levels of math as well as biology, chemistry and physics. Computers are available for students to use as they wish, on both the first and fourth floors.

Meiko Taki tutors a variety of mathematics on the fourth floor of the LRC. She said that “community college students don’t have a dorm lifestyle and a lot of the times they end up studying alone.” Meiko explained that part of the process of understanding is being able to explain what you know to fellow students, as well as getting help from students who are slightly above your level. She recommends coming as a group of two or more students for “encouragement and strength.” One of Meiko’s satisfactions is seeing that the tutoring center is “a homey place, where students can study and make friends.” She is in it for the “connection.”

The Disability Support Programs and Services is located in the LRC in room 110. The DSPS is a high tech center and is there to help students with disabilities gain skills using assistive technology such as: classes in adaptive computer technology, e-text, braille, large print and audio, as well as career and technical training. Like the other tutoring programs, DSPS is offered free of cost to SDCCD students.