Club Rush Springing Into Action


Rachel Hauser

Tables set up for Club Rush

Rachel Hauser, Staff Writer

With the Spring Semester in full effect, Mesa College held their Club Rush designed to recruit potential club members for new and existing clubs. The event was held on Feb. 14 through 16. With over 40 clubs on campus, it is easy to get lost in the mix of them all,from San Diego Mesa College Student Veterans Club to SD Mesa Surf Club, there is a club for everyone. Many clubs returned to Rush hoping to expand their already known groups, but a few smaller and new clubs attended, such as Women’s Alliance and the Social Justice Club, in hopes of filling their sign-up sheets with new member’s names.

The Social Justice Club is new to Mesa College this Spring. Josh Hyder spoke on behalf of the club and why this club was started, “this club is meant as a consolidation for protests and gives grounds to support every voice that wants to be heard.” Clubs need 10 members before they can be considered an official club at Mesa College. Before Club Rush, the Social Justice Club only had three members, but by the last day of Club Rush it had over 50 names on new recruits list. More information can be found on the school’s website.

The Honor’s Club also was present at Club Rush with different handouts regarding information about the club including their mission statements, benefits, and ways you are able to become an honors student. There is a large misconception regarding Honor’s club, President, Amairany Nabi commented, noting, “You don’t need to be in the honors program to be a part of the club. There is no GPA requirement.” Students who join this club receive opportunities for scholarships, community service, and gain leadership experience.

Another great club for leadership experience is the Associated Student Government, which aims to be a representative body for the students at Mesa college.

Other clubs that attended Club Rush included Psi Beta: National Honor Society in Psychology, Chinese Culture, French Club, Entrepreneurial Club, and the Mesa Japan club. For a full list of clubs, go to the Mesa College website. The deadline for club registration is Feb. 24 and can be completed by filling out the form online.