Student gets arrested on campus

Josue Lozano Rodriguez, Features Editor

A Mesa student was arrested on Wednesday, Aug. 23. The incident happened near the campus tennis courts after an officer responded to a call made by a female student. According to a statement by Dr. Constance M. Carroll, San Diego Community College District Chancellor, the arrest resulted in an officer requiring medical attention.

Christopher White, San Diego Mesa College student and former member of the football team was arrested for not complying with officers on the scene.

This is not the first time White has had run-ins with police nor has it been the first time he has shown violent behavior. One day before the arrest, White was involved in an altercation near the Mathematics and Natural Science building, causing physical injuries to another student.

Prior to the arrest, a female student asked for assistance from SDCCD police department, claiming she needed assistance with personal property needing to be returned to her and the removal of White from her vehicle. According to Dr. Constance M. Carroll’s statement, White became confrontational and did not want to comply with police officers, ultimately leading to his arrest.

In an e-mail sent out by Dr. Carroll, White has been known to be a violent individual, and it was noted that he has had behavioral issues with campus police in the past.

According to an anonymous source close to White, he has shown aggressive and violent behavior with fellow teammates as well as off-campus. The source described White as being “out of control” and at times, too violent for football.

Ryan Shumaker, Dean of Exercise Science, and football coach Peter Lofthouse refused to comment when asked about the arrest.

White is currently being held at San Diego Central Jail and is being charged with a misdemeanor for obstructing and resisting an executive officer. White is not eligible for release and has not set bail. White’s projected release date is Sept. 7, and a court date set for Nov. 28, 2017.



Edit: from member of footbal team to former member.

Edit: changed Exercise Science dean name from Kevin Hazlett to Ryan Shumaker.