K Sandwiches back and better than ever after fire


Karina Bazarte, Staff writer

K Sandwiches is back to steal our hearts. At K Sandwiches, you’ll find delicious boba and che nong, but the sandwiches are what people love the most. According to “NBC 7,” K Sandwiches are known for their amazing Vietnamese-style banh mi sandwiches. K Sandwiches is a place where Mesa students, family and friends can hang out after class or just have a great time.

In 2015, the family restaurant burned down after years of make people smile and fall in love with their amazing sandwiches. After two years, K Sandwiches has reopened with a new atmosphere, making people feel right at home. The new building boasts expanded sitting, digital display menus, a new refrigerator for delicious drinks, and comfortable chairs for guests.

Reopening made guests excited to try their favorite sandwiches. “Definitely happy. I have always heard beforehand how good this place was. I never made it before it burned down and coming here and trying their sandwiches made me realize how good this place really is,” a customer said.

K Sandwiches are known for their delicious Vietnamese-style banh mi sandwiches, like the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It comes with cilantros, jalapenos that gave a great taste to the sandwich, house mayonnaise, carrots, daikon, and juicy grilled chicken that made the sandwich wonderful. K sandwiches run at a fair price starting at $2.59.

K Sandwiches is continuing to provide great service, awesome prices, and delicious sandwiches that keep us coming back for more. If you are around Kearny Mesa, make sure to stop by K Sandwiches at 5303, 7604 Linda Vista Road.