Fall 2018 Brings Concerns on Safety


Electric scooters are all the rage in Southern California. Credit: MCT Campus

Erik Acosta, Opinions Editor

With the start of the 2018 Fall Semester at San Diego Mesa College, there are some things that students should be aware of to have a safe and successful semester. Mesa College is a relatively safe campus, but the possibility of dreadful events is possible anywhere. In an interview with Sgt. Jerome Saludares, acting Lt. of the San Diego Community College District Police Department gave a general oversight on what students should be aware of in regards to general safety.


A small brush fire occurred just off campus in the Tecolote Canyon. Saludares commented on the incident stating, “(Presumably) it started from smokers, who went to the hillside and left their cigarette butts not put out completely.” This area is not part of campus and students can be seen frequently making their way to the edge of the canyon to catch a nicotine fix. “We discourage students from going down there,” Saludares added, “students know that it is the end of the campus.” Even though this incident does not happen frequently, it has happened before. Saludares encourages students to “use good judgment, it is a dry brush area.”


There has also been a small population of homeless people seen in the Tecolote Canyon.Saludares commented on the matter saying, “our officers along with the (San Diego) Police Department and their homeless outreach team will go down there (Tecolote Canyon) periodically to see what resources we can offer them, and get them seeking some help.”


Saludares remarked, “if you see anything suspicious call our Dispatch Communications Center.” The Emergency 24 hour Dispatch Center number is 619-388-6405.


With the electric scooters making a sensation across San Diego, Mesa College is not excluded from the craze. Saludares noted that students should know that, “It is a motorized vehicle, (riders) need a helmet, or they can be cited.”


To those with concerns if there are sex offenders on campus, they should know, according to Officer Saludares, “If there is a sex offender that is taking classes they must register with the school districts police department. They also have to register with the local jurisdictional agency. They would have to make an appointment with our headquarters with our detectives.” If they fail to notify the department they can be arrested.


Officer Saludares continued, “be aware of your surroundings, at night time, or ever during the day time. Pay attention to vehicles driving on the street or in parking lots. We encourage students at night time, or just in general, to do buddy walking with classmates.” According to the Mesa College website, a safety escort can be arranged by calling the Dispatch Center. This service is available 24 hours a day, everyday of the year.