Associated Students divides departmental funds


Samantha Festin

Associated Student Government office shines as a place for meetings, student interactions, and assistance.

Samantha Festin, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government discussed the distribution of their departmental funds to events and programs during their meeting on Oct. 1. The total budget they have set for funds is $2,500. This amount came from the student representation fee students pay for when they enroll for classes. The Associated Students plans to give $261 to the hosts of Transfer Day for next year. This is an event that gives students the chance to plan out the transfer process and make it easier for them to communicate with college representatives. Schools like California State Universities (CSU), Universities of California (UC), independent/private colleges/universities and out-of-state colleges/universities present information at this kind of event. Participating colleges have transfer agreements made available to students who attend Mesa College.

Emerging Voices is another event the student government plans to fund and the amount they plan to distribute is $285. This event gives students an opportunity to speak out about their personal stories. These stories include topics such as experiencing the journey to self-discovery and coming from difficult backgrounds.

The Associated Students plans to fund the Behavioral Sciences Department with an amount of $155. The program offers subjects including anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Work-Based Learning is a program that the students plan to fund with $217. This offers students the education they need in order to enhance their academic and technical skills.

Learning Opportunities for Transformation (LOFT) is a program that the students plan to fund with $125. This is a center that offers employee training and professional development activities. Welcome Week is a time for the college to welcome new and returning students that the Associated Students plans to fund with $312. This event includes outdoor Information Centers and a week filled with campus activities.

Raza Grad 2019 is a graduation celebration open to all Mesa graduating students that emphasizes the diversity of the Chicano, Hispanic, and Latino culture. The Associated Students plans to fund this event with $326. 25th Mesa Vision Awards is an awards ceremony that gives out scholarships to students who qualify for them. The students plan to fund this occasion with $383.

Serenity Space is a space that offers a safe environment for students to relax, meditate, and pray. This is a place that can help students cope with anxiety and depression and is an area that the Associated Students plans to fund with $443. At first, Timothy Ackerson, 21-year-old psychology major and AS senator was hesitant about funding this arrangement because he wanted to make sure the money they had was spent on important events. After deep discussion, the senator was open to the suggestion of giving a generous amount of money to the people who plan to make the Serenity Space area possible. “I have been moved by this idea to create a setting where students can stop and reflect,” he said.

The final amount of funds that the Associated Students plans to give out is $2,505. Since this is a little over the budget, they will discuss the proposal and make any changes needed during their meeting on Oct. 15.