Campus police plan to remain on campus during coronavirus outbreak


Ava Moslehi

The San Diego Mesa College Police

Ava Moslehi, Staff Writer

As of March 16, the San Diego Community College District shut down all college campuses. Among these being San Diego Mesa College. That being said, the campus will still be open to all faculty and staff.

By March 23 all campuses will continue to remain closed to students, but classes will begin online. With the lack of students coming to campus, how does this affect the work of the campus police?

According to Lieutenant Nelson, head of the campus police at Mesa, “Currently we are remaining at full staff. We are essential personnel, so we’re going to make sure that the campuses are secure and safe throughout whatever period this may last.”

While an update from Mesa College President Dr. Pamela T. Luster mentions that classes are planned to resume as of April 6, after spring break, they may or may not be online depending on the severity of the virus. With that said, students, faculty, and staff are unsure of how much longer this pandemic can last.

According to a letter sent out on March 13 by the Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District, Dr. Constance M. Carroll, “We will identify essential staff who are needed to continue to work in offices (until full closure) and also which staff members need to work from home (with necessary support).”

Although professors are expected to move their classes online and therefore have the opportunity to teach from remote locations, the campus police do not have the same expectations.

Does this mean that the campus police are required to stay on campus during this pandemic?

Concerning whether they are staying on campus or not, Lieutenant Nelson states, “We will be throughout as of right now unless the district and the chief come up with a different plan, but as of right now the plan is since we are such a personnel that we still have to provide security for the campus. We’ll be here regardless if the students and staff are not here.”

There is no clear answer as to when the district will resume in class sessions again, but as of now the campus police will remain on campus to ensure both campus and student safety.