WIFI lot available for students



Wifi lots are open at Mesa College Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Michelle Armas, New Editor

As school is all online now and through the fall and summer, students are not only in need of computers, but of Wi-Fi. Many students do not have access to Wi-Fi at home and cannot go work at a local coffee shop either. Luckily Mesa is providing a free Wi-Fi lot to students in need. 

Free Wi-Fi will only be available in parking lot #1. It will be open Monday through Thursday 8 am to 8 pm and Friday 8 am to 3 pm. A parking permit, class schedule, or student I.D is necessary. Mesa suggests parking near the building because that is where the fastest connection is. Mesa students are able to park in student spaces or spaces marked “staff”, however, it is obligatory to park in every other space so there is one space between each vehicle. This is in order to abide by the social distancing rules. Also, disabled parking spaces need to still remain for vehicles with disbled placards. In order to keep distance only students from the same household should be in each vehicle. It is also obligatory for students to remain in their vehicles when in the parking lot. Restrooms and other campus services are not available during this time. 

Mesa is providing many resources so students can thrive during this time! With many students having a hard time keeping up, it is important to take advantage of what Mesa has to offer to continue the best education possible.