SDCCD chancellor predicts spring semester will be held primarily online


Mesa Office of Communications

SDCCD chancellor mentions it’s very likely that spring semester will be held online

Ava Moslehi, Editor-in-Chief

On August 25, San Diego Community College District Chancellor, Dr. Constance M. Carroll, released a statement regarding how classes will be conducted in the upcoming spring semester due to COVID-19.

Although there are no concrete plans for the spring semester of 2021, according to the chancellor, it’s very likely that the upcoming semester will be held in an online format. 

That being said, some classes will include a hybrid format, similar to the current semester’s format, taking place both online and in-person; these will include lab and clinical classes.

Classes involved in the hybrid format will require strict health protocols in order to ensure the safety of all students.

Although none of these plans have been confirmed, it seems that this is a likely possibility for the upcoming semester.