San Diego County updates coronavirus numbers


Nelvin C. Cepeda

San Diego County has administered a reported 1,132,501 COVID-19 tests.

Ava Moslehi, Co-editor-in-chief

San Diego County has released an update on COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, Oct. 7, showing data through Oct. 6. The county has reported 49,175 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 813 confirmed deaths since February.

According to San Diego County’s state monitoring metrics, the county is currently in tier 2, also known as the red tier, with an adjusted case rate of 6.5 new cases per 100,000 residents and a positive testing percentage of 3.5%.  

In COVID-19 case and death summaries released by the county, it is shown that those aged 20-29 years make up most of the confirmed cases, 25.2%, while those aged 80 and older make up only 3.1% of the cases, but 45.3% of the total deaths.

In the same summaries, it is shown that women make up a majority of the cases, 51.3%, but less than half the deaths, 42.8%. Meanwhile, men make up a minority of the cases, 48.7%, but a majority of the deaths, 57.2%.

According to a COVID-19 hospitalization report, 3,626 San Diego County residents who have tested positive have been hospitalized since doing so.

San Diego county has also released a race and ethnicity summary of those affected in San Diego county. Hispanics and Latinos have been hit the hardest and have the highest percentage of positive cases, making up 62% of all positive cases and 49.1% of all deaths in San Diego County. White people have the second-highest percentage, making up 25.2% of the positive cases and 35.1% of all deaths. 

Following behind are Asian Americans with 5.7% of the total positive cases and 10.6% of the deaths and blacks with 4.4% of the total positive cases and 4.2% of the deaths. 

More information on COVID-19 in San Diego County can be found here.