Associated Student government prepares faculty conduct resolution


Associated Students/San Diego Mesa College

AS has drafted a faculty conduct resolution in response to Dr. Perigo’s harmful comment.

Rosanne Bangalan, Co-editor-in-chief

The Associated Student government has drafted up a faculty conduct resolution in response to the incident that took place when professor Dr. Kimberly Perigo was heard referring to the AS president, Taylor Carpenter, by a misogynistic slur.

The faculty conduct resolution was prepared by AS vice president Cam Hin and was passed on Oct. 7. The resolution calls that “San Diego Mesa College upholds accountability and adhere[s] to their ‘no-tolerance’ policy by implementing the following disciplinary measures, including but not limited to the removal of Dr. Kimberly Perigo from all currently held positions within San Diego Mesa College and the SDCCD.”

The resolution cites various Board Policies and Administrative Procedures that Mesa faculty should adhere to, emphasizing how Perigo had violated these policies by using language that was demeaning.

While AS does not carry the authority to expel faculty from a position, Hin wanted to draft up a resolution that would “solidify our stance on the situation while also unifying the student voices as a whole.” Protecting students and making them feel safe is a shared goal amongst all senators in AS. 

When asked if other governing bodies and Mesa as a whole have taken similar stances in denouncing the harassment, Hin said “I’ve seen other governing bodies condemn the misogynistic language spoken. I appreciate Mesa’s empathetic response and willingness to take responsibility.” 

Hin also went on to share her thoughts on moving forward, saying “Change is a process that takes time. The more humility and openness we have, the more improvements we can make together.”

The Mesa Press will continue following this story and post any updates as necessary.