SDCCD Finally Distributes Student Emails

San Diego Mesa College

Journalism-32 San Diego Mesa College

Jacob Villanueva, Staff Writer

     For the first time in September 2022, the San Diego Community College District gave out student email addresses to use as the official communication pathway for all students attending City, Mesa, and Miramar college starting January 2023.  

     All the talk of student emails started to break out a couple years ago. Many SDCCD employees had been fond of the idea seemingly because it conveyed a more convenient learning and teaching experience. Before students had to use their own personal emails, the same email that may contain all of their spam and junk mail. This semester marks just the first with student email addresses where they can find all of their school related messages on Outlook 365. This change is new to not just the students but the district staff and professors as well even with the anticipation. The era for communication in the SDCCD deems new beginnings breaking ground here at Mesa.

     This change will bring about convenience as tools are provided for students to utilize. All accounts will function with Microsoft Outlook and grant students access to Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Cloud. All student emails have an address, and their password provided is the unique 10-digit number given to each student or their created password. A message was sent to personal emails with a link to myAPPS to help students login and verify themselves. Verification can be completed by QR code or phone number, the process takes no longer than five minutes to complete. Once verified students can access their Outlook accounts and they will be ready for use. 

     The awaited arrival of student emails has finally been dealt by the district, giving students access to programs they might not have had access to before. Full steam ahead, the San Diego Community College District is ready for 2023.