Mesa students gather for spring 2023 Club Rush


Students and club members camp out for Club Rush at the Mesa Commons. Photo provided by San Diego Mesa College.

Kayla Lewis, Staff Writer

San Diego Mesa College club members set up their tents and tables for Club Rush on Feb. 21-23rd at the Mesa Commons and the Student Services building.

With welcoming faces, music, and the exchange of flyers and phone numbers, club members encouraged students to become a part of their clubs. Members from different clubs discussed the benefits, opportunities, and exciting events that come along with joining. 

Although they are a relatively new club on campus, the Surf Club at Mesa has built a community founded on a passion for surfing and soaking up the sun. “We wanted to blossom it into something bigger, and also make it inclusive for people who don’t necessarily surf,” said Ty Hunt, President of the Surf Club. 

The Surf Club holds events including bonfires, beach days, surf meet-ups, movie nights, and more. The members encourage students who enjoy community, meeting new people, and, of course, the beach to join. 

Not only are clubs a great way to meet new faces and share similar interests with peers, they can also give students the opportunity to develop their career path and help them pursue their occupational goals. 

The Founder’s Society aims to provide students who are pursuing a career in entrepreneurship with the opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of the field. “We provide a variety of different things to students who are pursuing entrepreneurship or are interested in creating a business,” said Darren Bui, Vice President of the Founder’s Society. 

The club provides resources such as speaker events and workshops, where members can learn more about the field of entrepreneurship and receive guidance to help push them in the right direction. “I think the field can lead to a lot of different opportunities, and even if you don’t pursue entrepreneurship there are a lot of takeaways from being a member that can help to boost your career,” said Bui. 

While clubs on campus serve a variety of purposes, they can also be an outlet for students who are seeking to connect with their roots. Mesa has a range of minority clubs for students looking for a sense of community and a space where they feel comfortable. 

Mayra Canton, a member of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) Club, said “…the group is for minorities and has an educational focus, but also touches on aspects including cultural pride, unity, and political activism.”

As a close-knit group, M.E.Ch.A holds events that center around giving back to their community and celebrating their culture. “For Dia de los Muertos we do a procession where we walk from Balboa Park all the way to Chicano Park, and that’s how we celebrate it,” said Canton. The M.E.Ch.A Club also shares their stories and speaks to high school students at workshops and conferences.

“I think the unity that we all have is my favorite part about the club. It’s kind of rare for one person to be able to feel connected, but we’re all friends and we all connect with each other,” said Canton.

There are over 40 clubs offered at Mesa that give students the opportunity to find community, explore their interests, and connect with peers on a personal level. Whether it is to find a cultural community, pursue career goals, or simply have fun, the club options on campus are endless.