Government shutdown impact


Patrina Burth, Staff Writer

As of Oct.1, 2013  many Americans were confused and in disbelief of what is now taking place. For some his is their first encounter with a government shutdown. This shutdown is affecting many across the U.S. such as government workers, students and the poor.

While at a bar on Tuesday I couldn’t help but to notice how sensitive this topic is while over hearing two men talk about how it is impacting their lives. Turning around and chiming in on the conversation, while talking with the two gentlemen I soon figured they were both workers for the government. One was affected a bit more than the other. This discussion quickly turned into an interview.

Not wanting to be identified this Inventory Clinical Pharmacist states ” The last time this happened it lasted for four weeks, who goes four weeks without getting paid? At this point some of us are trying to figure out wether we should stay because were not getting paid. Ethically, yes we should be there because we got to make sure these patients are being taken care of but on the other end were like, who’s going to take care of us?” This definitely had me thinking. Everyday government is losing approximately 300 million dollars. I dont see how this can help us in any way, especially the people that work for the government.

Not only are government workers being affected students are as well. says “For now 14 million students will continue to receive financial aid in the form of federal loans and pell grants. But the longer the political impasse over President Obama’s healthcare law continues, the worse the consequences will be. If there is no resolution within a week, nearly 4,000 employees–who process U.S. student aid will be furloughed; which means the money could be delayed.” Cash flow to local school districts could also decrase. So not only can it be a problem for college students but children as well and the children are the future.

The poor will remain poor. WIC and welfare recipients will not receive  any of the benefits that are usually provided for mothers that are less fortunate with toddlers and babies. They are in a tougher position than some of us. No new funds will be available until a shutdown ends. Who knows what this will make of our citizens.

This government shutdown has many flaws to it that will leave us baffled. Because Congress hasn’t reached an agreement we don’t know how long this shutdown will take place. President Obama warned all “The longer this shutdown continues the worse the effects will be.”