The Art Beyond The Gamer

Junnette Caldera, Staff Writer

          The world of gaming has existed for many decades and is now looked into as a form of art. The perception of gaming could be viewed in two different aspects. First view is as a player, where the individual is spending hours playing the game. The second view is as a designer, where you spend countless hours creating your art piece. I am a firm believer, both designing the game and playing the game are extraordinary art forms.
The amount of work and creativity that goes into designing and crafting the perfect game takes years of practice and understanding the profession. The designer typically spends a tremendous amount of time on imagery, graphics and hands on effects such as: voices, movements, scenery on everyday objects. This personal interest turns into art when a player gets his hands on the action, this is when they both become artistic. The work of the designer is then appreciated.
In order to scale the level of a player, the difficulty of the game and how well you play must be taken into consideration. That is comparing it to the average gamer that are just casual players, enjoying their time. As opposed to a serious gamer that masters the game itself and takes part in tournaments and other high caliber gaming events. Although the’re two extremes, casual and high caliber players encompass gaming as an art form.
Many games vary in art thus becoming different when one is actually playing them. For example, I’ve seen more of the popular games like Minecraft, in which it provides opportunities for the players artistic creativity to run wild. While in Minecraft you build a broad variety of structures that come from your own imagination that protects you from monsters. Taking you into this high-fantasy video game that puts your mind to the test on different obstacles your player is taken through in life or death situations. Unlike the games Madden or FIFA, where just the players hand eye coordination only plays the role with minimum effect.
Even though the games Madden and FIFA have little to nothing pertaining to creativity, imagination or building. It still puts your mind to the test bringing forth critical thinking on whats your next move. Perfecting those moves to achieve the desired outcome of the game.
As of June 27, 2011 the Supreme Court ruled Gaming as a form of art. placing it under the first amendment protection “that video games can be afforded the same constitutional protections as visual art, film, music and other forms of expression” (Narcisse, Evan. “Supreme Court: ‘Video Games Qualify for First Amendment Protection’.” Time Magazine June 27 2011). We can now consider the designer an artist other than a complacent worker making a game. Both are now to be considered the same in the art of gaming. How far will it be taken is a sure decision on those who play.
Nevertheless the world of gaming will continue to exist for many decades and will remain a form of art. Both game creator and the player will forever be intertwined and keep the legacy of gaming alive.