NFL fumbles another domestic violence case



New York Giants kicker Josh Brown (3) kicks the extra point on the Giants’ go-ahead touchdown during the fourth quarter on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. (Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS)

Alexis Camel, Sports Editor

The NFL’s promotion of their Breast Cancer Awareness is a good cause as well as a way to land female fans, too bad their handling of domestic violence cases is not as high a priority.

In early 2014, then-NFL athlete Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely by the league for domestic violence, cut by his team the Baltimore Ravens and was then essentially shunned from the league for the remainder of his possible playing days. The biggest problem, besides the actual incident, is the manner in which the NFL handled the situation. On Oct. 20, new details surfaced about New York Giants kicker Josh Brown and it seems as though the league has done it yet again.

This past offseason Josh Brown was given a one-game suspension for his domestic violence arrest back in 2015. The documents that surfaced in the middle of the night were all pieces of evidence from the case and they included admissions of his multiple attacks against his wife.

One thing is clear from the recent news, the NFL either does not care very much about domestic violence, or the billion-dollar industry has trouble acquiring information.

Rice’s incident has gotten much of its backlash from the poor handling of situation. To state it briefly, the incident occurred at a Casino in Atlantic City and was thought to be a minor physical altercation. Rice and his now-wife Janay Rice were both charged with simple assault domestic violence and released the same day. After realization of the incident, the NFL slapped Rice on the wrist with a two-game suspension.

Even though there was not very much information available, many still thought the two-game suspension was a very light punishment.The league’s new drug policy gives that same two-game suspension for any players testing positive for marijuana for the second time, keep in mind this drug is legal in the cities of two teams in the league.

Just days after the suspension, a video of the incident was obtained and released by TMZ and it was clear that this was no “minor altercation.” Over several weeks, the NFL failed to make a decision on Rice and gave the media mixed messages. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that they had not seen the video before it was publicly released, but this was proven to be false as reported by Peter King.

Due to the varying severity and sensitivity of each case, the NFL has to do a better job of putting together all their resources in order to gain all of the facts. If TMZ can obtain a video and various media outlets can obtain documents, the league should easily be able to obtain such information as well. can easily get their hands on these documents. Either make the right decision the first time or gain all the facts available before making a statement. If done correctly, these issues will not come with nearly as much anger towards the National Football League as opposed to the individuals getting in trouble.

When looking at the documents from Josh Brown’s case and viewing the Rice footage, it’s clear that what both men did was terrible. Besides hosting thousands of members, the NFL also hosts members that play in the highest grossing sport in America. With such prestige facts, it’s absurd that they still have trouble defining and following their own policies.

Ray Rice has not played a single down in the NFL since the end of the 2013-2014 season. Josh Brown should not be allowed to play another down in the league either. If the NFL allows this domestic abuser to collect more game checks, they prove that they are far more concerned with players smoking marijuana than attacking their significant others and setting bad examples for thousands of fans around the world.

Mistakes happen and Rice should be given another chance to play in the league, he will not be given one but he deserves one. Brown is an abuser; his ex-wife and the documents released prove it. The NFL needs to hold its employees to a higher standard, but for that to happen, it needs to start by holding itself to the highest standard.