Presidential results are in, America has been Trumped: What does this mean for the American people?

Jahnae Runnells, Opinion Editor

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The results of the election has many left in confusion and disbelief. Many are forced to wonder what this country really is about. And the question still arise, “Whats next”? We may never know. This system is set up like our love life. We meet someone, they sell us these fairytale dreams, and then once they get what they want, they may change. That’s basically the president election in a nutshell. But just like love, we must live, and we must learn. But most importantly, we discover what we will and will not tolerate.

Respect is not given, it is earned. Racism is not frowned upon, it is voted into office. These two things essentially go hand in hand. Donald Trump may be the president on paper, but he does not have leadership characteristics for a nation like ‘Melting Pot’ America. Becoming president by systematic demand does not automatically acquire support from every party involved.

The idea of building a “wall” is just as silly as every one of Trump’s speeches to this day. However, the illusion that it will save tax dollars in the long run is rather ironic considering that the Trump pays little to no taxes, according to veteran tax lawyer Steven Rosenthal, and, ironically Donald J. Trump himself. If building a wall will drop car accidents rates, I could only imagine what less distractions, abiding by the speed limit, and designating a sober driver would do to the rates. You know, since those are the top three reasons for car accidents according to the Law Offices of Michael Pines.

Trump plans on building a wall but went on record, saying “I love Hispanics” on Cinco de Mayo. So it is a bit misleading how the LGBT community shouldn’t be worried about “concentration camps”. Not to mention how both theories align perfectly on the “ridiculous scale”.

Trumps foreign policy may very well rebuild relationships with countries, however, it also runs the risk of global financial incompetency due to the potential change in the American foreign policy. In addition, if Trump decides to thoughtlessly eliminate the 2015 dormant nuclear program like he vowed to do, Iranian officials will be forced to go back to the drawing board.

Trump can mess up many policies and programs including, but by no means limited to: the Paris Climate deal, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Environmental Protection Agency, North American Free Trade Agreement, and Healthcare.

Perhaps Trump himself is not so much scary; the fact that millions of Americans support him is the most baffling fact of all. America is not a business, it is a country, where people live, and try to be productive citizens. Safe livelihood should never be up for debate. Children should never be afraid to go to school to only get bullied because they are a minority. Adults, should not be outsiders in their workplace due to this election. Relationships, should not end because one feels more superior to others.

Trump could never make America great if he doesn’t understand the importance of human life. The harsh fact that everyone is not granted the same opportunities, is a fact Trump supporters fail to realize, but many are forced to live with it because it is their reality. Due to privileged individuals failing to see the different realities, it is clear that we may never become one.

And this is what Trump presidency means for us.

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